Hanover Borough

The Hanover Borough Police Department is an equal opportunity employer governed by the rules of the Civil Service Commission.  We offer an excellent pay and benefit package.  Applicants for positions on the police department must have the following qualifications:

1. Citizenship.  Must be a citizen of The United States of America

2.  Residence.  Must reside at the time of the application, or must agree to establish a residence within three (3) months after the date of appointment, within the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and in close proximity to the Borough of Hanover so as to effectively perform their duties and responsibilities.

3.  Age.  Must be twenty-one (21) years of age or over at the date of filing applications.

4.  Educational.  Must be a graduate of a high school or must have acquired an equivalency diploma.

Applicants must pass the written, oral and physical performance testing as part of the rules of civil service as well as a thorough background investigation and polygraph examination.  Following a conditional offer of employment, the applicant must pass a medical and psychological assessment before appointment to the police department.