June 14, 2024

Am I Qualified?

U.S. Citizen
Must be  at least 21 years of age by the time you are hired. —Non-Civil Service Departments
Must be at least 21 years of age the date application is submitted. —Civil Service Departments
Must possess a valid PA Driver’s License prior to appointment
Physically and mentally fit
Must have a high school diploma or a GED.
In addition to other physical examination criteria:

* The applicant must be able to distinguish a normal whisper at a distance of 15 feet. The test shall be independently conducted for each ear, while the tested ear is facing away from the speaker and the other ear is firmly covered with the palm of the hand. The applicant is prohibited from using a hearing aid during the testing. If the applicant fails the whisper test, a decibel audio test is required.* The applicant must have distant vision of at least 20/70, uncorrected, in the stronger eye, correctable to 20/20; and at least 20/200, uncorrected, in the weaker eye, correctable to at least 20/40; and must be free of any significant visual abnormalities.

The applicant must have normal depth perception.
The applicant must have normal color perception
The applicant must be free from any other significant visual abnormalities.

Individuals with disabilities who will need reasonable accommodation in order to complete the test should inform any of the Departments no later than 2 weeks prior to the administration of the test. The individual requesting the accommodation must provide documentation of the need for same.

APPLICANTS WILL BE REQUIRED TO PASS A PHYSICAL FITNESS TEST PRIOR TO APPOINTMENT. All MPOETC standards may be reviewed on the MPOETC website at www.mpoetc.state.pa.us

NOTE: Veterans receive standard Veteran’s Preference points or Veteran’s Preference (Must submit DD214 with application).

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